Itzpapalotl - The Obsidian Butterfly

My first full 3D character model :)

She is based off of Aztec mythological goddess "Itzpapalotl" whose name translates to "the Obsidian butterfly." She is a goddess of mortality, typically described as being skeletal with obsidian tipped wings and claws. I enjoyed coming up with a character concept for her!

Unfortunately the only way I could add the marmoset viewer was to put the textures on lowest settings. Hopefully I'll find a better solution for the viewersize/quality ratio

Whitney lanier renderedit
Whitney lanier screenshot004
Whitney lanier turnaround
Whitney lanier turnaround
Whitney lanier render3
Whitney lanier render2
Whitney lanier testmaya1
Whitney lanier obsidian goddess design by dreamerwhit d9z5i7y